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Wellness is a journey that you have to own for yourself

  • September 19, 2019
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When I first moved back to Charlotte a few years ago, I was still traveling internationally, A LOT. I would regularly hop on a flight to Dubai, or London, or Brisbane, or Johannesburg….. It sounds amazing and glamorous and there were definitely some wonderful things that came out of that season of life. But let me tell you what it was mostly: EXHAUSTING. And, I kept getting sick ALL OF

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  • April 21, 2020

In case you were wondering. I’m Over.It. I’m over staying at home. I’m over talking about corona. I’m over watching and reading the news. I’m over not being able to

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Prayer is not a lonely event

  • March 19, 2020

I spent a significant amount of the decade after graduating college on planes. On average, I was probably on a flight a week….and most of them were international….which meant really,